Suitable for Framing: Forms of Freedom for Two Pianos and Mrdangam (1975-2004)

On April 19th, 1975, at Northern Illinois University, three musicians, David Rosenboom and J.B. Floyd, pianos, and Trichy Sankaran, South Indian percussion, met in a milestone event from which emerged a unique, improvising trio with two pianos and South Indian percussion. Fortunately, it was recorded and excerpts released on a long out of print LP from A.R.C Records, Vancouver/Toronto, #ST1000, [LP record]. This CD recaptures the essential essence of the entire evening of musical discovery with previously unreleased music recovered from digitally reprocessed, re-mixed and re-mastered tapes recently discovered in diverse states of preservation; compositions include 19IV75 (Rosenboom and Floyd), Patterns for London (Rosenboom), Mrdangam Solo (Sankaran), Is Art Is (Rosenboom), and Suitable Bonus (various), Mutable Music, #17517-2, New York, 2004, [CD]

David Rosenboom and J.B. Floyd have maintained activities as a duo of pianist, composer-performers from the early 1970s to the present.