Propositional Music


For several years, Rosenboom has been working towards publishing a book on his compositional and theoretical work, to which he refers with the term "propositional music." Emphasizing emergent properties in morphogenesis and the evolution of music, he discusses related areas of music, science and philosophy that have influenced both the aesthetic and technical methods he has developed over many decades. Detailed explications of compositional methods used in many of his musical works are included. An article that can be thought of as a kind of prolegomenon to this larger project was published as Chapter 18 in the book, Zorn, J. (Ed.). (2000). Arcana, Musicians on Music.(New York: Granary Books/Hips Road)

Concurrent Complexity—Complexodynamics in Neuromusic

Rosenboom is currently exploring ways to relate the dimensional complexity of large-scale cortical functions and the EEG to musical perception and the complexity of music listening environments. New biofeedback paradigms for musical creation may emerge from this and inform compositions presently being envisioned. Concurrently, new developments in sensor technology and biofeedback paradigms for mobile devices are also being investigated as they may facilitate this project.

HFG Two (Hierarchical Form Generator Two)

A project to create new, expanded and more advanced versions of some of the software projects Rosenboom undertook in the 1980s and 1990s with HMSL (Hierarchical Music Specification Language), emphasizing live performance applications of models of perception that drive algorithmic responses to unpredictable musical inputs and systems for the emergence of musical form, is envisioned for the near future.

Touché Two

A digital simulation with significantly expanded functions of the legendary computer-music instrument created in 1979 by Donald Buchla with David Rosenboom, called the Touché, has been completed and is now being used in new projects. The Touché Two was designed and programmed in Reaktor Core by Martijn Zwartes and David Rosenboom.

Propositional Music—Music of Many Nows—Music Configuration Spaces

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Ongoing investigations into the nature of time in music, physics, and cosmology continues to inform new notions about propositional music and techniques for making and using musical configuration spaces in compositional methods.

Ringing Minds

Ongoing collaborative project begun in conjunction with Tim Mullen and Alexander Khalil with support form the Schwartz Center for Computational Neuroscience at University of California at San Diego to explore how principle oscillation component analysis in the context of hyper scanning applied to multiple brains of active imaginative listening performers in a neuromusic composition, along with spatially averaged event related potentials, might be refined and advanced in multi-modal bio-art.

Multi-Agent Biofeedback

A writing project in collaboration with Tim Mullen to document the history of multi-agent biofeedback paradigms and speculate on new possibilities.

Where Art and Science May Meet in Deep Theoretical Territory

Ongoing investigations about the nature of languages for description as the common ground for unraveling what may or may not be knowable about some of the toughest conundrums in scientific and aesthetic theories.