One.Source: HMSL (1990)

The first collection of music made with HMSL. 

In 1990 Jeanne Parson produced a compilation cassette of compositions created with Hierarchical Music Specification Language (HMSL), an experimental computer music language developed by David Rosenboom, Larry Polansky, and Phil Burk at Mills College Center For Contemporary Music. 

In 2018 Scott Makson digitized the tape at UCSC. Those files can be streamed and downloaded here. 

one.source: HMSL is a compilation tape, with music by John Bischoff, Steve Curtin, Nick Didkovsky, Steve Everett, Andreas Mniestris, Jeanne Parson, David Rosenboom, Carter Scholz, and others. Originally released on Frog Peak Music. 

Redistributed here with permission. Not for redistribution or resale.