"Portable Gold..." Update of Rosenboom's classic work at 104 Le Centquatre in Paris

Rosenboom's well known "Portable Gold and Philosophers' Stones (Deviant Resonances)", a work built on the concept of "listening as performance" for brainwave active imaginative listeners, computer-electronics, and auxiliary instrument(s) will be presented by L'ina GRM and Radio France during a weekend of concerts called FOCUS.

May 12 2018 - 8:00pm


LE CENTQUATRE-PARIS, 5 rue Curial - 75019 Paris

FRENCH: Un week-end de concerts pensé comme une véritable parenthèse musicale. Dans une époque hyper-connectée où chaque instant chasse l’autre de manière toujours plus serrée, l’Ina GRM propose deux temps de concerts dédiés à l’écoute attentive, voire méditative, aux déploiements et à l’expérience de la durée. ENGLISH: A weekend of concerts thought of as a musical interlude. In a hyper-connected era wherein each moment chases another in an ever-closer way, the Ina GRM offers two concerts dedicated to listening attentively, even meditatively, with ways to experience time.