Battle Hymn for Insurgent Arts—David Rosenboom and Lewis Klahr at REDCAT

Wake up, the world’s on fire!” (Lawrence Ferlinghetti). This assemblage of aesthetico-political music for contemplation and empowerment features postgenre sounds for vigilance against the commodification of ignorance and the barbarization of democracy. Rosenboom and his team perform with instruments, electronics, and voices and add prescient, prophetic lines by socio-political seers: Ferlinghetti, Foucault, Pythagoras via Ovid, Sun-tzu, Mark Twain, and others. Interlacing evocative, virtuosic music with images by Lewis Klahr, whose uniquely idiosyncratic films use found images to explore the intersection of memory and history. “With my burnt hand, I write on the nature of fire.” (Flaubert).

Apr 21 2018 - 8:30pm



Selected compositions with socio-musical references, presented continuously without pauses or intermission: Musical Intervention 1979 (reversing totalitarian usurpation of peoples’ music) (electronics); Hymn of Change (1998) (pensive slow gospel waltz with words of Pythagoras and musical transformations) (brass quintet plus piano/Disklavier™/algorithmic instrument); The Right Measure of Opposites (1998) (2017 algorithmic expansion from Bell Solaris—the Sun rings like a bell, emanating subtle portents of change—incorporating excerpts from War Prayer by Mark Twain) (solo piano/Disklavier™/electronics); Music for Analog Computers (1968) and Musical Intervention 1982 (noise music and electronic music box-ing of The Internationale, in soundtrack of Lewis Klahr’s film Jesus Was Invitro); Earth Encomium (2017) (delicate natural sounds in harmonic orbits for a stressed planet, with interlacing lines from Sun-tzu’s Art of War) (solo piano/electronics)[ Battle Hymn of Insurgent Arts (2018) (new musical updating of Mark Twain’s Battle Hymn of the Republic (Brought Down to Date)) (Virtuoso Ensemble of Collaborators); Out of Truth (Don’t Motto) (2018) (to be performed live with new filmic rumination on contemporary life by Lewis Klahr) (piano/electronics/electric guitar/pakhawaja); Fanfare for (R)Evolution Arts (2017) (new expanded version with spoken lines from Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Poetry as Insurgent Art) (Virtuoso Ensemble of Collaborators). Performed by a virtuoso ensemble of collaborators: Matt Barbier, trombone; Swapan Chaudhuri, pakhawaja; Gene Coye, drums; Meltem Ege, speaker/vocalist; Allen Fogle, horn; Alphonso Johnson, electric bass; Miranda Kahn, actress; Molly Pease, singer; David Rosenboom, piano, Yamaha Disklavier(™), algorithmic instruments, and electronics; Aaron Smith, trumpet; Jonah Levy, trumpet; Luke Storm, tuba; Jake Vossler, electric guitar.