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LEONARDO "The Convening" - Nothingness is Unstable


The content will be drawn from four of David Rosenboom’s recent, live electronic and visual compositions that explore: experienced time in a propositional model for music of many nows; collective group brainwave interactivity within a soundscape of multiple voices exploring inner landscapes of feeling; and a visual setting enfolding these experiences in socio-cultural contemplation. The room will be animated with multi-dimensional sound diffusion and projections.

Nothingness usually collapses into something-ness—the phenomenal particularities of experience. Musical particularities containing temporal fine structures with created pasts and futures spring from initially undefined singularities of experience into multiple dimensions of mutual interactivity. In Nothingness is Unstable, life-form sounds collected in Indonesia and the US are articulated by large banks of complex digital resonator circuits, shaped by performing actions with analog acoustic and electronic sources, and diffused into space with multi-dimensional sound algorithms to create an immersive musical wrapping. Visual projections from A Summary History of Humans in the World and Natural Scores encourage reflecting on the nature of our emergent present. In The Experiment, a scene from Hopscotch, a mobile opera for 24 cars produced by The Industry in Los Angeles in 2015, multiple voices swirl in sound space while being mixed according to spectral elements measured in the collective group brainwaves of audience volunteers, who will be listening to questions sung by the character of an investigator probing the nature of mind.

 Notes: This will be an intimate performance/presentation with opportunities for selected audience participation and subsequent discussion.