Chanteuse, Songs of a Different Sort (2004)

New song forms performed by Jacqueline Humbert, with electronic soundscapes and arrangements by David Rosenboom with others, produced by Jacqueline Humbert and David Rosenboom, includes pieces by Sam Ashley, Mosquitolove, David Rosenboom, Attunement, Joan La Barbara, Via Dolarita, street of sorrows, street of sighs, Robert Ashley, Don’t Get Your Hopes Up and Empty Words, George Manupelli, Short Subject, Jacqueline Humbert, Profile, James Tenney, Listen…!, Larry Polansky, A Pregnant Pause, Alvin Lucier, Lullaby, Gustavo Matamoros, Peace Piece, Katrina Krimsky, Grace, and Humbert and Rosenboom, Adieu and Oasis in the Air (2004 version), Lovely Music Ltd., #LCD 4001, New York, 2004, [CD]