"There are two basic principles of musical structure I rely on. The first is expressed by the force of attraction, (gravity, love, concentration, creation), and the second lies in the idea of repetition, (materialization, duration). My mindfulness of this constitutes the only score. I find I must wait before the beginning of each performance until I am surprised by the first sound I make and the fact that it is made. Then, I feel ready to proceed."

Keywords: propositional music, music neuroscience, self-organizing musical forms, neuromusic, brainwave music, brain music interface, music, composition, music performance, music improvisation, biofeedback
Reference: Rosenboom, D. (2014). Active imaginative listening—a neuromusical critique. Frontiers in Neuroscience, Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience, The Musical Brain, 8, 1-7, DOI=10.3389/fnins.2014.00251.

A philosophical and theoretical perspective on BCMI published as the Forward to the book: Miranda, E. R. and J. Castet (Eds.). (2014). Guide to Brain-Computer Music Interfacing. (London: Spinger Verlag).

Ringing Minds is a collaborative work created by David Rosenboom, Tim Mullen and Alexander Khalil, premiered on May 31st, 2014, at Mainly Mozart's "Mozart and the Mind" festival in La Jolla, California, and presented again on May 23rd, 2015, at The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Ringing Minds explores collective brain responses interacting in a spontaneous musical landscape aided by recent advances in sensing technology and powerful tools for analyzing electroencephalograms (EEGs) of multiple brains.

[PDF AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] Article extracted from a presentation by the author and published online in: Proceedings, The 88th Annual Meeting 2012, National Association of Schools of Music, Number 101, May 2013, 43-54, (Reston, VA).

Swarming Intelligence Carnival (2013), live electronics for collaborative spectacle with dance, video and music, with Sardono W. Kusumo, Otto Sidharta and Dwiki Darmawan, was created for the opening spectacle of the World Culture Forum held in The Lotus Pond venue of Garuda Wisnu Kancana (GWK Cultural Park), Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, November 24th, 2013.

A retrospective collection including new and archival recordings of nine works with booklet containing historical photos and composer's writings; includes: Continental Divide 1964 (new recording), Pocket Pieces 1966 (new recording), And Come Up Dripping 1968 (2001 recording), B.C.-A.D. II 1977 with Salvatore Martirano (1977 recording), Champ Vital (Life Field) (new recording), Predictions, Confirmations & Disconfirmations 1991 (2004 recording) and Twilight Language 2004 (new recording); Tzadik, #8091, New York, 2012, [CD]

Hymn of Change from Bell Solaris arranged for string quartet by Andrew Tholl on Cold Blue Two anthology; Cold Blue Music, #CB0036, Los Angeles, 2012, [CD]

First ever release of all eight works in this major series of compositions from 1978-1981 with new recordings by extraordinary musicians; includes: In the Beginning I (Electronic) (1978), live performance with Buchla 300 Series Electric Music Box, IN the Beginning II (Song of Endless Light + Sextet (1979), trombone, percussion & 4 cellos, In the Beginning III (Quintet) (1979), woodwind quintet played by Midnight Winds, In the Beginning: Etude I (Trombones) (1979), 8 trombones played by Mike Svoboda, In the Beginning: Etude II (Keyboard-Plucked Strings) (1980), harp, Mexican and other plucked instruments and piano, In the Beginning: Etude III (Keyboard & 2 Oranges) (1980), In the Beginning IV (Electronic) (1980), live performance with Buchla 300 Series Electric Music Box and In the Beginning V (The Story) (1981) for chamber orchestra; package includes booklet with in-depth article about the music by composer, Chris Brown; "a journey in tuned clouds of sound" (DR); New World Records, #NW80735-2, New York, 2012, [2-CD set]

Edited transcription of a conversation recorded on video that took place at Mills College in 1983, published in the book, Xenakis matters. Sharon Kanach (ed.). (Hillsdale, New York: Pendragon Press), xxx-xli.

A rare collection including: B.C.-A.D. (The Moon Landing) (1969), with Salvatore Martirano, Musical Intervention 1979, Four Soundings from URBOUI (1968), Zones of Influence, Part I, The Winding of a Spring (1984), Music for Analog Computers (1968-1969), Musical Intervention 1982 and Trio II (1978), with Michael Byron and William Winant, with booklet containing composer's notes and photos; Art Into Life, #001, Japan, [2-CD set with booklet in collector's box]

[PDF AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] David Rosenboom's address to the students of California Institute of the Arts at their graduation on May 20, 2011, while Rosenboom was serving as Co-Acting President of CalArts.

[SCORE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] String quartet arrangement by Andrew Tholl of the Xth movement of Bell Solaris. Recording by the Formalist Quartet released on Cold Blue Two anthology.