Ringing Minds in MindMusic: playful and social installations at the interface between music and the brain


Keywords: brain–computer music interface, wearable EEG, physiological
computing, affective computing, music cognition, digital music instruments, interactive media installation, virtual reality, experimental music, neurogaming
Reference: In A. Nijholt (Ed.). More Playful User Interfaces. Interfaces that Invite Social and Physical Interaction. Series: Gaming Media and Social Effects. ISBN 978-981-287-545-7, ISBN 978-981-287-546-4 (eBook), 2015, XII, 247 p. 112 illus., 106 illus. in color, May 2015. DOI: http://doi.dx.org/10.1007/978-981-287-546-4.

Description of the hyper-brain-computer-music composition, Ringing Minds, composed in collaboration with Tim Mullen and Alexander Khalil, and the technical methods with which it has been realized to date.