Lucha's Quinceañera Song


[PDF OF SCORE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] Lucha's Quinceañera Song, music by David Rosenboom and text by Janine Salinas Schoenberg, was written for the "mobile opera for 24 cars," Hopscotch, produced in Los Angeles in 2015 by The Industry, conceived and directed by Yuval Sharon. Lucha's Quinceañera Song served as Chapter 4 in Hopscotch. A solo voice and piano/keyboard score is provided. For Hopscotch an arrangement was made by Jerónimo (Jxel) Rajchenberg using Mexican stringed instruments. That version has been recorded and released on Hopscotch from The Industry Records.

"Lucha [a principal character in Hopscotch] remembers her quinceañera, a celebration of her coming of age, and also the day she lost her parents. The memory is inextricably linked with unruly teenage years—changing her hair from black to red—and her grandfather teaching her how to create a butterfly puppet." [From Hopscotch synopsis]