The Experiment


[PDF OF SCORE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] The Experiment, music by David Rosenboom and text by Erin Young, was written for the "mobile opera for 24 cars," Hopscotch, produced in Los Angeles in 2015 by The Industry, conceived and directed by Yuval Sharon. The Experiment served as Chapter 20 in Hopscotch. The score calls for: one baritenor voice, one tenor voice, one actor, one electronics-software performer, and four brainwave performers—these were audience members in Hopscotch 2015—who wear EEG monitoring devices and perform as active imaginative listeners. Additional possibilities employing more live performers in creative concert versions are noted in the score. Performance software for the piece has been created by the composer using the Reaktor DSP program and Muse-I/O with MUSE™ brainwave monitoring headbands. This software also includes pre-recorded sound samples and tracks. It is also possible to re-create all of these components to suite the needs of new performance initiatives.

"Four test subjects arrive to experiment with Jameson's [principal character] obsession: a headband device that reads and transmits brainwaves. Jameson hopes that this will be a breakthrough into our understanding of consciousness; instead, the experiment makes him snap, as he sees a surreal vision of a mythical boatman. He flees the experiment." [From Hopscotch synopsis]