Continental Divide


[SCORE & PARTS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] The original 1964 hand copied version that was one answer to the compositional koan, "How long can I take to resolve a tritone?" and a later 2001 scoring for chamber orchestra.

Continental Divide (1964) and (2001) is cyclical, gradual process music for variable ensembles in two versions: 1) the original single–page score for keyboard(s) and/or mallet percussion and 2) an arrangement for chamber orchestra with flexibility in the numbers of winds, brass, keyboards/percussion, and strings, and with the addition of a brass choir that articulates the harmonic resonances emerging as the opening tritone of the piece slowly finds its pathway to resolution at the end. The original score was included in the book, Pieces, An Anthology, edited and published by Michael Byron and A.R.C. Publications, Toronto and Vancouver, 1975 and 1976. A new recording for pianos, mallet instruments and brass ensemble is due to be released on a CD from Tzadik in 2012.