Courses & Lectures

The following lists examples of courses designed and/or taught by David from approximately 1968-69 to the present.

Electric Circus for New York University

Intermedia Workshop on Computers in the Arts

Intermedia Institute Inc., New York

A Systems Theoretical Approach to Art Media

York University, Department of Music, Division of Interdisciplinary Studies in Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary University Graduate Studies

Sonic Imagery and Improvisation
Composition Studio I and II
Electronic Media Workshop I and II
Special Studies in Composition and Analysis
Sources of Contemporary Style
Instrumentation, Arranging and Studio Production
Introduction to the History and Literature of Electronic Music
Fundamentals of Musical Perception
Music Writing Workshop: An Introduction to Composition
Graduate Composition Seminar
Perceptual Processes in the Arts
Contemporary Media, Methods and Research I and II
A Systems Theoretical Approach to Art Media
Sound Design in Relation to Studies of Consciousness
Studies in Musical Perception (Graduate)
Interdisciplinary Honors Project and Seminar
Psychophysics and the Arts
Special Topics in Music Computation
Music Performance in Piano, Violin, Viola, Percussion,
Chamber Ensembles, Contemporary Music Ensembles, Orchestra,
Improvisation Ensembles, Live Electronic Music Ensembles,
Conducting, Interdisciplinary Performance Art Ensemble
Graduate Thesis Advisor (M.F.A., M.A., Ph.D.)

Mills College, Department of Music

Advanced Theory I and II
Research Seminar in Music Theory (Graduate)
Theoretical Foundations of Electro-acoustic Music
Score Reading and Conducting
Seminar in Electronic and Computer Music I and II (Graduate)
Selected Problems in Composition I and II (Graduate)
Individual Lesson Instruction in Piano and Composition
Selected Problems in 20th-Century Performance and Literature (Graduate)
Thesis Advisor (M.A., M.F.A.)
Seminar in Composition, Performance, and Improvisation

San Francisco Art Institute: Humanities and Interdisciplinary Divisions, Electronic Arts Program

Contemporary Music
Artificial Intelligence in the Arts
Interdisciplinary Colloquium/"Monday Night Lectures"

University of Illinois, School of Music

Graduate Composition Seminar (during visiting artist residencies)

California College of the Arts

Sound Workshop: Propositional Music

Simon Fraser University, Summer Music Intensive, Vancouver

Interactive Music Software and Composition

California Institute of the Arts

Graduate Composition Seminars (various special topics)
Graduate Composition Instruction
Faculty Contemporary Ensemble,
Conductor/Director, CalArts New Century Players,
(resident professional ensemble including graduate performers)
Advanced Interactive Music Software
Sound Design (digital signal processing and synthesis)
Advanced Interactive Languages (interactive software for music)
Seminars in Interdisciplinary Art
Piano Instruction
Improvisation Instruction
Chamber Music Coaching
Teaching the Teacher, modules on music cognition, music and neuroscience (DMA level)
Professional Development (DMA level)
History and Literature of the Performer-Composer (DMA level)
Performer-Composer Seminar (DMA level)
Composers and Choreographers

Bard College, Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Annandale-On-Hudson, New York

Graduate Instruction, Music/Sound Arts

Center for Advanced Musical Studies at Chosen Vale

Summer sessions as composer-in-residence in International Trumpet and Percussion Courses; classes in performer-composer practices, technology and instruments, improvisation, ensemble direction

Ionian University, Korfu, Greece

Summer session on advanced propositional music, emergent forms and self-organizaing systems in music, algorithmic composition and algorithmic improvisation, perception of musical forms and ideas about time and interactive processes in the arts.